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Word Trapeze™ A Dangling Spelling Game

Sensational Reading™

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The Dangling Spelling & Vocabulary Game. Kids of all ages will enjoy showing off their vocabulary and spelling knowledge with the greatest of ease as they dangle words from the flying trapeze! 84 molded plastic 1.5" letters, color-coded to differentiate vowels and consonants, are included. High-frequency vowels and consonants are provided in sufficient quantities. Each letter features little "curly hooks" designed in the upper and lower portion of each letter to allow linking of the letters dangling off the trapeze pole. The base of the trapeze doubles as a handy storage container that holds all the parts. The trapeze has four pole sections allowing it to be taller or shorter for the desired number of letters in competing words. Play can be leveled to 3 and 4 letter words or as many as 12 or 13 letters per word. The included guide provides Beginner or more Advanced easy-to-understand play routines. There are so many potential variations to practice language skills that the guide also features a web link to an extended game guide of ideas and resources. For 2-4 players or teams.

Key Features :

i : 84 molded plastic 1.5" letters
ii : A great way to practice language skills.
iii : Students can practice their Vowels and Consonants.
iv : Helps with Visual Spelling.
v : Handy Storage Container