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Contour Mesh - Aluminum 1-16", 10' x 20" Roll


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WireForm® can be used as an armature for other modeling materials or by itself to create unusual metal works of art. WireForm is a specially manufactured metal mesh that is pliable enough to mold, yet sturdy enough to add structure to clays and modeling materials including AMACO® Sculptamold® (sold separately). WireForm is perfect for the many modeling and sculptural design challenges facing artists, crafters, architects, and students. A flat piece of WireForm® easily transforms into three-dimensional shapes by simply molding, crimping, twisting, expanding, and gathering. The expandable mesh is made from specially manufactured metals that give it incredible flexibility and strength. Its unique raised 1/16" diamond strands expand to form three-dimensional shapes. Because it can stretch into tight contours and shapes, it is ideal for detailed projects and delicate crafts.

Key Features :

i : Pliable, flexible, sturdy metal mesh for modeling, and sculpting three-dimensional shapes
ii : The woven mesh wires create a structural grid that stretches into tight contours and shapes
iii : Aluminum mesh in 1/16 inch pattern
iv : Great for creating three dimensional shapes