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Multi Sensory Resource

Wikki Stix®

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Wikki Stix provide a tactile and sensory experience, ideal for fine motor skills, kinesthetic learning, working with the visually impaired, as well as the entire autism spectrum. Here is a kit with components designed for structured and unstructured activities. Created in cooperation with Occupational Therapists and other professionals in the field of special needs. Includes: 144 Wikki Stix (in the recommended colors), 6 Activity Cards (including 2 face drawings for non-verbal expression of mood), Grid board for construction and structured learning, OT Therapy Bag bonus unit, and 36-page Resource Manual. Wikki Stix do not contain gluten, latex, nor any nuts or nut by-products. They are simply made of non-toxic wax (like you'd find in bubble gum and lipstick) along with basic hand-knitting yarn.

Key Features :

i : Included are 144 Wikki Stix in the colors approved for use when working with autism spectrum
ii : There are six activity cards including two face cards for non-verbal expression of mood
iii : A grid board provides a surface for construction, building and learning
iv : Our resource manual has a section on special needs