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Whizzy Dizzy

Learning Advantage

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Children love to sit and spin on this classic toy! Constructed of durable hard plastic and with a freely spinning disk which utilizes ball bearings, this gross motor toy is designed for children aged 3+ and under 99lb. Stimulate their vestibular system and improve their balance, visual tracking and muscle tone while having fun! Size: 12"H and 21.7" diameter. Assembly instructions, screws and washers included.

Key Features :

This toy truly stands (or sits!) the test of time for hours of laughter and playtimeUnlike other sit and spin toys, Whizzy Dizzy is made with injection molded plastic under high heat and pressure. The plastic pieces are thick and won't dent or bend!This spinning activity toy is designed for ages 3+ and perfect for small group play! Get healthy exercise while having so much fun!The ball bearings in between the two discs enable a smooth and continuous spin.Preschoolers will stimulate their vestibular system on this spinning toy, which helps with balance and visual tracking as they learn about their bodies in space.Whizzy Dizzy is fully tested and compliant with national toy and safety standards. The maximum weight for riding is 99lb.