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White Chalk Sticks, 12 Sticks Per Box, 36 Boxes


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Kids will love learning to write and draw on a blackboard with tried-and-true Crayola Chalk. The classic white chalk pops on black or green chalkboards and erases quickly and easily. These chalk sticks have a smooth texture that glides beautifully over blackboard surfaces. Non-toxic, AP Seal. Each pack includes 12 pieces of non-toxic white Crayola Chalk in a peggable box. Sold as 36 boxes for a total of 432 sticks.

Key Features :

i : Crayola Children's Chalk sticks is perfect for writing and drawing on blackboards.
ii : Great for writing and drawing on black or green chalkboards.
iii : Erasing is quick and easy.
iv : Non-toxic.
v : Sold as a pack of 36 boxes.