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What Would YOU Do? Set of 3

Teacher Created Resources®

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Develop life-long skills and strategies for managing emotions with these unique resources. Each of the 10 units in the books include a fictional story that focuses on real-life, relatable experiences. Readers get to decide the outcome of each story based on what choice they think the character should make. Students will learn how decisions have consequences, and how reacting to a situation without first dealing with our emotions can sometimes lead to undesirable outcomes. Discussion questions about the story, short-answer questions that connect themes from the story to personal experiences, and journal prompts are included in each unit. Journal templates and bonus posters are also included at the end of the book. Each set includes 3 books: What Would YOU Do? Grades 1-2, What Would YOU Do? Grades 3-4, and What Would YOU Do? Grades 5-6. Each book is 80 pages.

Key Features :

i : Realistic stories help children connect to experiences in their own lives
ii : Discussion and written questions provide opportunities for greater understanding
iii : Includes tips and strategies to improve social-emotional skills
iv : Helps children identify their emotions and the emotions of others
v : Assists children in the power of making choices