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Wave Wires Magnet Set

Dowling Magnets

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Wave Wires Magnet set is perfect for small groups or individuals to investigate magnets and their kinetic interactions. Just place the magnet wires on the base, activate them, and watch the unique ways they oscillate as their invisible magnetic forces "bounce" off one another! Great for classroom labs (grades 3 - 8), STEM programs, science fairs, maker spaces, and more. Conduct NGSS-aligned experiments that explore: Force and Motion, Structure and Properties of Matter, Energy, Engineering Design, Waves, Cause and Effect, Patterns, Stability and Change...and more! Includes 1 Station Base Plate, 1 Magnet Wire (8mm), 3 Magnet Wires (6mm), 1 Activation Ring, 12 Steel Weights, and Guide.

Key Features :

Great for conducting NGSS-aligned experiments that exploreGreat for classroom science labs, STEM and STEAM programs, science fairs, maker spaces, and moreStation allows for lots of additional interactionsIncludes enough materials for teacher demonstration or a small group