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Volume Measurement Dominoes


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Our foam dominoes give students a fun way to practice and reinforce key math concepts. This game includes two sets of 24 color-coded dominoes (48 total pieces); each set is ideal for up to four players. Instructions included. Made of durable foam (3" x 1.5"). Finding the volume of a solid figure is much more interesting with dominoes! In one set players use formulas to match the written notation of volume to diagrams labeled with dimensions. In the second set players use spatial reasoning to match diagrams of centimeter cubes to the written notation of volume.

Key Features :

i : A fun way to reinforce key concepts.
ii : Ideal for any students needing additional practice
iii : Game includes two sets of 24 color-coded dominoes (48 total pieces)
iv : Set focuses on the 5th and 6th grade level standards for volume measurement