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VENN™ Game


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Introducing VENN, a clever game where clues and art overlap! Race to find three secret words based on where a Clue Giver arranges unique Art Cards onto color circles. Set a timer or outguess the others to find the similarities, come to the right conclusions, and win! Go head-to-head as teams or work together through cooperative gameplay in this hands-on communication game that mixes friendly competition and fun. For 2+ players, ages 10+. Contents: 6 VENN Circles, 100 Double-sided Art Cards, 50 Double-sided Word Cards, 100 Number Cards, 1 Scoreboard, 2 Team Scoring Markers, 2 Number Card Holders, and Rules.

Key Features :

i : Family Game for 2+ Players
ii : Cooperative & Competitive Gameplay Variations
iii : Gather around the table for some friendly competition, and even cooperation, with VENN.
iv : This is an exciting game where players work to communicate clues by placing abstract images into overlapping circles.
v : 20-30 Minute Play Time