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Us Founding Documents Dbq Lessons & Activities


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Document-based questions teach students to think like historians! Students learn to analyze and interpret a variety of sources, make connections between sources, bring in their own outside knowledge, and communicate their findings. Incorporates ELA/literacy requirements into social studies! Gallopade’s Document-Based Questions series breaks down the DBQ process into smaller, scaffolded steps: 1. First, students learn to analyze individual primary and secondary sources using guided text-based and primary source-based questions. 2. Next, students apply higher-order thinking skills to read for information, compare and contrast, identify causes and effects, categorize information, arrange events into chronological order, identify point of view and purpose, and much more! 3. As students complete the critical-thinking activities on each individual page, they develop a deeper understanding of the social studies topic being covered. 4. Finally, students use these same sources to answer a big-picture DBQ question!

Key Features :

Students learn to read, observe, and analyze primary and secondary sourcesDBQs integrate literacy standards-based content and critical thinkingDocument -based questions train students to think analyticallyFamiliarizes students with summarizing main ideas, defining points of view