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Twist N Write Pencil 2-pk Carded

Baumgartens Inc

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PenAgain Twist 'N Write Pencil is specially designed to fit smaller hands and make writing easier. The thick 2mm pencil lead never needs sharpening. Just twist the tip to expose more lead. Kids get excited about the Twist 'N Write because it puts the fun back into writing. The pen's wishbone shaped body naturally shapes the fingers into the school-taught "tripod" finger grasp. Whether your kids are doodling or practicing longhand, the soft rubber body and curvy shape are built for comfort. Twist 'N Write will get them back to the joy of writing and help them focus on their content without worrying about their pencil grip or their writing speed. Helpful for Arthritis and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome patients. Each pack includes 2 pencils, 1 purple and 1 blue.

Key Features :

Set contains two pencilsSuitable for small handsTeaches the "dynamic tripod" grip, holding a writing instrument properlyPrevents writer's crampMakes writing fun