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Tubation Pipe Blocks


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Children will have fun building intricate three-dimensional structures by interlocking the 4 types of tubes (the STRAIGHT, the TURN, the T-SHAPE and the CROSS) in infinite combinations. They will create mazes of water pipelines, modular space stations, scaffoldings, buildings, animals, even blowguns... and anything else suggested by their fertile fantasy because TUBATION is a very adaptable construction system. TUBATION is suitable also for younger children because it doesn't include small parts and all pieces are pleasant to handle and totally unbreakable. TUBATION stimulates children's logic thinking and creativity while developing their manual skills.

Key Features :

i : Construction game with colored tubes
ii : The elements are tubular in 4 shapes, each with a different color
iii : The combinations are endless for ever-changing three-dimensional structures
iv : It's a game that stimulates the creative thinking, develops manipulative abilities and helps in understanding spatial coordinates
v : 100% Made in Italy