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Transparent Spinners

Learning Advantage

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Blank, transparent spinners are easy to design with write-on/wipe-off markers or vis-a-vis pens. 4" square plastic with a free-spinning, plastic arrow spinner. Set of 5. Note : The spinners have a protective blue film on them to prevent scratching during shipping. Please remove the protective film before use.

Key Features :

Watch probability in action. Conduct probability experiments, collect data and learn about ratios. Children will be fascinated by the randomness of the spinner!Design your own games. Create a simple yes/no spinner or segment the spinner into numbers or colors for use in a game... they are a useful, flexible learning tool.Encourage student participation. Students can spin to take turns answering questions, reading out loud or performing classroom duties.Use wet-erase or permanent markers to divide, label and customize.Use with a overhead projector for classroom demonstration or for activities on a light panel.NOTE: Remove the blue plastic film from the front and back of the spinner before using. The blue plastic film prevents scratching during production and shipping.