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Tower Of Hanoi

Learning Advantage

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Tower of Hanoi (also known as The Pagoda Puzzle) is an ancient puzzle that uses repetitive sequential moves for its solution. Seems simple, huh? Here's the are allowed to move one piece at a time and are only allowed to place a smaller piece on top of a larger piece. Where's the Math in this Game? The number of separate transfers of single disks the priests must make to transfer the tower is 2 to the 64th minus 1, or 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 moves! If the priests worked day and night, making one move every second it would take slightly more than 580 billion years to accomplish the job! You have a great deal fewer disks than 64 here. Can you calculate the number of moves it will take you to move the disks from one of the three poles to another?

Key Features :

Classic Brain Teaser! The goal of this ancient game is to transfer all of the discs from one post to another moving only one at a time and never stacking a larger disc on top of a smaller one.Use less discs for an easier solutionMade of woodGrades 1+