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The Gore Years Expansion Pack

Looney Labs

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The early years of the 21st century have been known as the Bush years, but to some time travelers, they were actually called the Gore years... this 11-card expansion pack brings your Chrononauts timeline up to 2008! Find out what might have happened if the 2000 election had gone a different way! Prevent the 9/11 attacks! The Gore Years has five new timeline cards, three patches, and three new Identities that depend upon the new events. Expand your travels through time! The Gore Years Card List: • Linchpins: George W. Bush Wins Presidency/Al Gore Wins Presidency (2000) and World Trade Center Destroyed/Hijackings Thwarted (2001) • Ripplepoints: War Continues in Afghanistan (2002); Saddam Hussein Captured (2003); and First Black President Elected (2008) • Patches: Statue of Liberty Destroyed (2002); Osama Bin Laden Captured (2003); and First Female President Elected (2008) • IDs: Vincent; Parker; and Mick

Key Features :

Covers key events in US History from 2000-2008.An expansion for Chrononauts--not a standalone game.An excellent discussion starter about cause and effect.Shows relationships among events, rather than simply memorizing names and dates.