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The Crossover Pencil Grip, Assorted Colors, Pack of 12

The Pencil Grip™

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Why Choose The Crossover Grip The Crossover Grip improves kids handwriting by helping to give more control, reduce hand fatigue, and increase comfort. Writing with The Crossover Grip is easy and natural. Other rigid, harder grips can cause hand pain and discourage practice. The unique "wings" of the grip cover the thumb and pointer finger gently and hold them in the proper position for gripping – the Tripod Grip. Helps Hands And Improves Handwriting The Crossover Grip was designed by a doctor and is widely used in classrooms, at home, and in therapeutic settings. It uses the same proven design as The Pencil Grip, the #1 grip recommended to help kids write, and has added 'wings" to prevent the common problem of fingers crossing over each other. This makes The Crossover Grip the perfect stepping-stone during children’s handwriting development. It is a "one size fits all" product that helps the hands of both righties and lefties. How To Use Slide the wider end of the grip on first. Righties and Lefties simply place their thumb on the "R" or the "L" printed on the grip. Fingers will naturally fall into place with the middle finger on the underside of the grip. The images on the left show proper positioning. Improve Handwriting For Kids A comfortable hand allows for fuller cognition, has more control, and shows improved handwriting. The Crossover Grip guides and gently holds the hand in an ergonomic position. Consistent use teaches and reinforces the proper grip, and stops common problems like fingers crossing over, fist grips, thumb-wrapping, and white-knuckling. Parents, teachers, and occupational therapists widely recommend using The Crossover Grip. Creates Quick Improvements The Crossover Grip is easy to use and instantly reinforces the proper grip. Improvements come quickly with frequent use. The flexibility of the soft, rubbery, latex-free material allows it to fit on pencils, pens, crayons, and many writing instruments. This creates many opportunities for teaching and reinforcing the proper grip. Includes 12 grips in assorted colors.

Key Features :

i : "Wings" hold fingers in place and stop them from crossing over
ii : Great for Righties & Lefties
iii : Gently places fingers in the proper position for gripping
iv : Designed by doctors, tested by kids, approved by parents
v : Fits on pencils, pens, crayons & many drawing and writing tools