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Test Tube Chemistry Set

Learning Advantage

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Welcome to the wonderful, chemical world of molecules, solids, liquids, gases and reactions! This science kit includes more than 50 experiments that are designed for kids aged 8+ (adult supervision is required). They will be fascinated by the real, authentic science in this kit as they watch chemicals react and learn how the same reactions occur in the world around them. Kids will conduct experiments to learn about density, diffusion, emulsion, pH, invisible gases and reactions involving the metals Copper and Zinc! They will also create their own lava lamp, magically clean coins and learn how cakes rise...the powerfully informative booklet included provides all the answers. 24 components are included in the kit, including child-proof, no-spill containers which can be used again and again, a workbench for activities and a full-color education and instruction booklet which includes detailed illustrations for every step that are easy for children to understand. To complete all the activities, a range of common household items are required

Key Features :

Children will learn chemistry lab skills such as safety, how to take measurements using scoops and pipettes, following instructions, observation and cleaning equipmentExercises cognitive skills as kids progress through the activities in the bookletEncourage the development of social skills by completing the activities in small groups tooContainers are resealable so the activities can be repeated as often as desired for investigative play