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General Skills Robotics Table Top Mats, Set of 3

Geyer Instructional

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Need a simpler solution? These mats are 28 inches square and will fit on any standard table. They feature the key issues needed to master basic programming and sensors including counting and sensor color/contrast, basic measurements, and line following. Easy to store and transport. This 3 piece set includes Measurements Master Robotics Practice Mat, Color Contrast Robotics Practice Mat, and Curves and Boxes Robotics Mat. Each mat features a different skill to master. Sold as a set. Printed in full color on 13oz outdoor matte vinyl.

Key Features :

i : Printed in full color on highly durable 13oz outdoor matte vinyl
ii : Number/Letter coordinates on top and right
iii : 28 inches square to work on almost any standard table or on the floor
iv : Easy to store and transport