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Suuuper Size Memory Game

Banana Panda

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Match laughing guinea fowls, hopping frogs, fluffy sheep and other friends from the farmhouse! How to play: Start with 2 or 3 pairs and then add other animals as your child's skills progress. Spread the cards face down. Uncover two cards at a time. If they are the same, put them aside; if not, turn them over again. The player with the most pairs wins. You can also use these extra-large pieces as flash cards to teach your baby animal names and sounds or colors – at any age. Just let your imagination lead the way!

Key Features :

Extra-large, jumbo pieces are made of high-quality, thick cardboard, perfect for little handsExcellent as flash cards for teaching first wordsPerfect for training memory, concentration and cognitive thinkingThe large, keepsake box with a practical, sturdy handle makes it a great gift