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Super Sentence

Learning Advantage

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Gather your construction tools—it's time to build sentences! As players spin and move their pawns around the white track, they use who, what, where, and when phrases to build grammatically-correct sentences. Sentences may be silly or serious. The emphasis in on identifying singular and plural subjects, using verbs that agree, and keeping the same tense—past, present, or future—throughout a sentence. The first player to complete five sentences is the winner. Additional suggestions for sorting and writing activities using the tiles are included. For 2-4 players, grades 3 and up. Contents: Game Board with Spinner, Instructions, 200 Who, What, Where, and When Tiles, and 4 Pawns.

Key Features :

Players earn points for completing correct sentences on the game board using who, what, where, and when phrase tilesSentences may be hilariously nonsensical even though they are grammatically correctGreat way for students to learn how to readFor 2-4 players