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Story Blox 3 In 1 Classroom Set

E-blox Inc.

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This set provides one Story Blox - The Island (SB-0118), One Story Blox -The City (SB-0149) and one Story Blox -The Cave (SB-0132) kits, all packed into a sturdy storage case for sharing in the classroom. Follow the adventures of Seymour and his robot Robyn as he investigates a mysterious light in the distant ocean horizon. The storybook includes QR codes that create an interactive learning environment using online resources. Models are built in several parts of the story, further enhancing the learning experience. Contains 364 parts. Directly compatible with other brick building construction sets. Requires three 9V battery.

Key Features :

Contains 364 parts including 77 unique patented parts including nine 2-way LEDs and one color changing LED you won't find in any other toy brick setBuild 8 different characters or objects that all light up in this leading edge STREAM productDirectly compatible with other brick building construction setsRequires three 9V batteryAges 8 and upLearn about series and parallel circuits, mountain climbing, micro chip technology, flower botany & biology, Mycology (study of fungi), Spelunking (cave exploring) and more!