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StikkiCLIPS™ Adhesive Clips, White, 20 Per Pack, 6 Packs


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StikkiCLIPS™ are uniquely different, removable, reusable, fun, safe, effective and easy to use. These clips are perfect for hanging papers, notes, photos and more. Simply press the wax side onto any surface, slide paper under prong and twist to remove or re-position. Each pack includes 20 white all-purpose adhesive clips. Sold as 6 packs, 120 clips total.

Key Features :

i : Stiks' to all kinds of surfaces without damage or messy adhesive residue
ii : Remove, reposition and use again and again without adhesive to add or replace
iii : Use on wallboard, cinder block, brick, plaster, paneling, pegboard, concrete, metal, glass, plastic, wallpaper, tile, and more
iv : Non toxic