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Sorting Spaceship

Learning Resources

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Grab the Tri-Grip Tongs, pop the dice, and help these aliens sort out their spaceship in a sorting game of cosmic proportions! Kids learn preschool sorting, fine motor skills, and more with every trip aboard the Oodles of Aliens Sorting Saucer from Learning Resources. This fun sorting saucer opens to reveal color-coded trays and the aliens that inhabit them. Spread the aliens out on the table, pop the dice, and use the Tri-Grip Tongs to grab and sort them into place! In addition to sorting, this game builds three additional preschool skills at once—strengthen your counting, color recognition, and fine motor skills every time you play! The Oodles of Aliens Sorting Saucer includes 30 alien creature figures that store inside for easy clean-up, as well as an activity guide with fun sorting games! This fine motor sorting game makes a great addition to preschool and homeschool resources, as well as kindergarten activities!

Key Features :

i : SORTING skills take flight with this fine motor game of cosmic proportions!
ii : 4-IN-1 LEARNING: build sorting, color, counting, and fine motor skills!
iii : BUILD preschool pencil grip skills with the Tri-Grip Tongs!
iv : BUILT-IN STORAGE means easy clean-up!
v : AGES 4+