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Smithsonian Informational Text: Creative Solutions, 6-Book Set, Grades 4-5

Teacher Created Materials

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How did scientists build a reusable spacecraft? How has glass played a role in scientific exploration? Students will find the answers to these questions and many more with this STEAM book set devoted to finding creative solutions to problems! Created in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution, this set builds students' reading skills while engaging their curiosity about STEAM topics through real-world examples. It features hands-on STEAM challenges that are perfect for makerspace activities and that guide students through every step of the engineering design process. It makes STEAM career connections by offering career advice from real-life Smithsonian employees working in STEAM fields. Each book in this set touches on all aspects of STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math! Take a virtual tour of the Smithsonian with this set that includes these titles: The Evolution of Space Suits; Designing a Shuttle; Electric Vehicles; Thomas Edison: Lighting a Revolution; The Science of Glass; The Art and Science of Skateboarding.

Key Features :

i : This 6-Book Set features hands-on STEAM challenges, uses real-world examples to give insight into how the engineering design process is used to solve problems, makes STEAM career connections, and highlights all aspects of STEAM.
ii : Strengthen literacy skills and content-area knowledge with high-interest readers
iii : Learn to apply the engineering design process to solve real-world problems
iv : Promote the 4 Cs: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity
v : Make career connections with career advice from Smithsonian employees working in STEAM fields