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Six-color Spinners

Learning Advantage

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One of the most flexible manipulatives for creating random events for math games and activities such as probability experiments. 4" square plastic with a free-spinning, metal, arrow spinner. This set of Six-Color Spinners includes 5 write on/wipe off plastic spinners with 6 colored sections.

Key Features :

Customize with dry erase markers. Add your own twist to classic games with these write on/wipe off spinners. You can write numbers, “lose a turn” or “draw a card”. Be creative!Activities for all ages. Teach probability and color with these essential teaching tools and game spinners. They’re ideal for centers, schools and home learning environments.A win for parents. Six Color Spinners are an easy way to make big family decisions. Let kids flick the free-spinning arrow to choose dinner, movies or even chores.Excellent for both homeschooling projects too!