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Sight Word Songs Flip Chart

Scholastic Teaching Resources

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Learning to read is a blast with these super-fun songs that teach the top 50 sight words! All kids' favorite topics are here—monsters, dinosaurs, dogs, pirates, penguins, even ice cream. And since the songs are set to familiar tunes, remembering them is a snap. Ready for more good news? This big, colorful chart is laminated so you can use a dry-erase marker to highlight learning. Includes a complete teaching routine, plus a link to download all 25 tunes. Great for whole-class lessons.

Key Features :

Research shows that committing the top 50 sight words to memory prepares children to become successful, fluent "automatic" readersResearch also shows that many children are "auditory learners", who benefit from hearing words while seeing them in print—this flip chart is the perfect tool to do just thatThis flip chart is big and laminated, which means teachers-and students-can use a dry-erase marker to customize lessonsThis flip chart is a great way to integrate music into a busy curriculum.