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Shipping Packaging Tape, 1.88 in x 22.2 yd, Pack of 6


Sale price $30.99 Regular price $31.83

Scotch® Box Lock™ Packaging Tape sticks instantly to any box! It has the power of extreme grip to ensure boxes stay securely sealed, even during rough handling. Its new advanced adhesive creates a secure seal over box edges, and its thickness and durability reduces splitting and tearing and makes it easier to find the start of the roll. This tape can be used to seal any type of box, including harder-to-stick to 100% recycled boxes. Each roll measures 1.88" x 22.2 yds. Sold as a pack of 6 rolls.

Key Features :

i : Sticks instantly to any box!
ii : Has the power of extreme grip, giving you confidence your box will stay sealed through rough handling
iii : Designed for better box adhesion
iv : Guaranteed to Stay Sealed* (If your box does not stay sealed, 3M will refund the purchase price of this tape. Proof of purchase required.)