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Sensory Reflective Buttons - Silver - Set of 7


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The Sensory Reflective Silver Buttons are a fascinating sensory play resource for ages 0m+. They are robustly constructed out of stainless steel with seamless joins, which naturally make them anti-bacterial and very easy to clean. The 7 giant silver buttons are graduated in size and have a rounded discus shape. The range in size from 2" to 5.5".

Key Features :

i : The Sensory Reflective Silver Buttons stimulate little ones' sense as they examine their own reflections with the smooth, stainless steel, concave surface
ii : The buttons are rounded and discus-shaped, making them easy for tiny hands to grasp
iii : The hand finished mirror surface provides a slightly curved and distorted reflection which is fascinating for children to observe
iv : The buttons come in 7 different sizes ranging from 2" to 5.5" diameter
v : Made of non-porous stainless steel and with seamless joins, the buttons are naturally anti-bacterial and easy to clean, making them ideal for play areas with babies and toddlers
vi : The buttons have a smooth, deluxe feel and are lightweight and compellingly tactile