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Sensational Math Act Cards Lvl Ii How Many

Primary Concepts, Inc

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How Many? activity cards build perceptual and conceptual subitizing skills with simple dot patterns on up to larger sets of dots in array and symmetrical patterns. Putting these dots into a grid format allows students to see the patterns and conceptually subititze larger numbers with great precision and speed. The Level 2 set presents dot patterns up to 50. These card decks are great for small group practice like flash cards or independent exercise as self-checking number words and numerals provide the answer on the reverse side of the card. Each How Many? set of large 5" x 5" cards contain 50 two-sided activity cards. Each level is color-coded so you can mix levels in a deck and then easily sort them back.

Key Features :

Subitizing Activity CardsPerceptual SubitizingConceptual SubitizingSelf-Checking Activity Cards