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Science Readiness Learning Center Game: Pushing, Moving & Pulling

Newpath Learning

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The game and the accompanying matching flash cards help students develop skills in basic physical science concepts, including moving and pulling objects, as well as the concepts of push, up, down, sink, float and others. Packaged in a durable pouch, the game can be used in the classroom, after school programs or home practice and are perfect for differentiated instruction. Designed for either teacher-directed or independent play in groups of 2-4 students, each game includes a Laminated, Hands-On Board game with 30 illustrated, self-checking cards and game materials for up to 4 students; two sets of 30 Flash Cards printed on heavy 4" x 5.5" stock, providing matching activities to challenge students to correlate up to 3 associated attributes; and a Teacher's Guide with step-by-step instructions as well as recommended, additional skill-building activities.

Key Features :

i : Make learning essential science skills fun!
ii : Great for classroom, after-school programs and home use
iii : Colorful, engaging and easy to use
iv : Packaged in durable pouch!