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Magnet Levitation Kit

Dowling Magnets®

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Explore the wonders of Magnets! Experiment with the mystery of equilibrium, gravity and magnetic fields while building your own magnetic levitating train! For young scientists ages 10+. Assembly normally requires parent-participation. Contents: Neodymium & Ceramic Magnets, High-force Magnetic Strip, Iron filings, Plastic Guide Rails, Compass, Wood Block, Nails, Activity Guide. Includes 5 experiments: Earth as a Magnet, Attraction & Repulsion, What Magnets Attract, Temporary Magnetism, and Magnetic Strength. Includes 5 projects: Magnetic Pendulum, Magnetic Pendulum Spacing, Balance Gravity & Magnetism, Magnetic Oscillations & Energy, Levitating Train. Age 10+

Key Features :

i : Explore the wonders of magnets
ii : Learn about equilibrium and magnetic fields while constructing a gravity-defying train
iii : Great for science experiments and group projects
iv : Comes complete with an activity guide