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SchoolMate™ Personal Stereo Headphone with Leatherette Cushions, Pack of 2


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As schools continue to upgrade their classrooms with ever growing number of tech tools and devices, each student needs a high quality, durable headphone to get the most out of their high tech lessons and HamiltonBuhl's MS2L on-ear stereo headphone is the ideal headphone for these needs. With its compact, lightweight, robust construction and on-ear design, the MS2L headphone offers all-day comfort and easy storage while delivering high quality sound. With features such as our unique Dura-Cord™ (chew, kink and knot-resistant, PVC-jacketed, braided cord), and the Anti-Lice storage bag (heavy-duty, write-on, moisture-resistant, reclosable bag that kills lice within 24-48 hours), the HamiltonBuhl MS2L headphone is the ideal choice for day-to-day school lessons and testing! Sold as a pack of 2.

Key Features :

i : Compact, lightweight, robust construction featuring an on-ear design
ii : Featuring chew, kink and knot-resistant, PVC-jacketed, braided Dura-Cord™
iii : Anti-Lice storage bag included
iv : Quality headphones durable enough for any classroom