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Scene-a-rama Cell Structure Classroom Pack


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This five-session project allows students to create their own cell, according to what was learned in class. From the nucleus to ribosome, reinforce the fundamental elements of any type of cell! This project is designed to aid students in meeting the expectations of the National Science Education Standards for Life Sciences. This Classroom Pack includes enough materials for 12 individual or group projects. The teacher can modify the sessions according to class time. Content include: Project Bases with Labels, Plaster Cloth, Sculpting Clay, Paintbrushes, Plastic Cups, Project Paints (.135 fl oz/3.99 mL each), Easel Boards, Label Boards, Project Wire, Project Glue™, and Teacher and Student Guide. Ages 7 and up. Adult supervision recommended for younger children.

Key Features :

Allows students to create their own cellDesigned to help your students meet the expectations of national education standardsMake teaching easy and learning fun!