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Scaly Stuff Sensory Discs 3 Pack

Primary Concepts, Inc

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Captivating, soothing tactile and visual sensory experiences for early learners or those with special needs are delivered with these 5" diameter Sensory Discs. Also perfect for fidgety students, these discs are made for touching, squeezing, exploring and observing! The special flip-flopping sequins have an iridescent quality that changes colors with light refraction. When a finger traces through the scaly maze of sequins they flip over and turn black leaving a design. Roll back in the opposite direction and they return to shimmering colors. Scaly stuff also has magnetic backing to adhere the disc to metal surfaces. Each pack includes 3 sensory discs.

Key Features :

Perfect for soothing a fidgety or frustrated childHas magnetic backing to adhere the disc to metal surfacesDevelops motor skillsHelps with cognitive developmentDeveloping and improving memory functionHelps child learn important sensory attributes