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Saxoflute 24 Pieces

Quercetti Usa Llc

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Build your own fantastic musical instruments: 6 types of tubes can fit together to create all the combinations that your fantasy suggest you. Double-Trumpets, Funny-Flutes, Fanta-Saxophones... will all produce whimsical music as you play them as real instruments. Totally unbreakable, made of top-quality ABS plastic. Compatible with other tubular constructions from Quercetti. Colors and pieces may vary from those illustrated.

Key Features :

With the Quercetti Super Saxoflute the possibilities for the instrument you can make are as endless as your imaginationConnect the 24 pieces to make twists, turns, and bend for a wacky fun flute that no one has ever seen beforeNot only are you getting your child interested in musical instruments, but you're stimulating their imaginationThe pieces included with this set are also compatible with other tubular construction sets, which means even bigger and better Saxoflutes.It is made of unbreakable ABS plastic - Washable