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Giant Stampers - Holiday Shapes - Set of 10

Ready 2 Learn®

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Celebrate and decorate DIY projects with these Giant Holiday Shape Stampers! This 10-piece set includes 10 different holiday-themed stamps: an apple, bunny, shamrock, flower, Christmas tree, snowman, turkey, heart, maple leaf and pumpkin. Each stamp features a large foam shape mounted on a 3" disc for stability. The chunky, rounded handles provide greater comfort and control. Ideal for DIY projects and art and craft time, these giant stampers assist in developing fine motor skills and creativity. Size: 1.9"H x 3" dia.

Key Features :

i : Giant Stampers have round, easy grip handles which nest comfortably in small hands. The foam imprints are mounted on a clear 3" disc, which protects little hands from paint and ink.
ii : Each stamp has directional arrows on the transparent plastic discs for perfect image alignment every time! The stamps are also labeled for quick identification.
iii : Have an art project? There's a stamp for that! Use these stampers with ink or paint to decorate posters, signs and other DIY projects.
iv : Ideal for use with paint or ink pads