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Reading Response Forms Grs 3-4

Classroom Complete Press

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Offer young readers the opportunity to share their thoughts about their literary experiences. Our resource provides an easy-to-use breakdown of a novel to ensure student comprehension. Identify different describing words to show what you remember from the story. Draw your favorite character based on what you understood from the reading. Apply what you know by comparing a character from the book to yourself. Dissect the cover and title of the book to analyze how the story will unfold. Evaluate a character's behavior by writing up a report card. Become a set designer and create a movie from the events in the story. Aligned to your State Standards and written to Bloom's Taxonomy, reproducible and hands-on activities, crossword, word search, comprehension quiz and answer key are also included.

Key Features :

Aligned to your state standardsReproducible and hands-on activites including cross words, word search, comprehension quiz and answer key includedHighlights: Describing words, story main idea, story setting, cause & effect chart, character report card, predicting story outcomes and story pantomimeWritten to Bloom's Taxonomy initiative