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Rainbow Vowels Cursive

Junior Learning

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Rainbow Vowels is a fantastic hands-on magnetic set to encourage your child to become familiar with different vowels and how they sound when they are joined together! The set includes vowels, changeable vowels, R-controlled vowels and magic E vowels. Rainbow vowels is a fantastic addition to Rainbow Letters and Numbers and Rainbow Alphabet and Digraph sets (sold separately). Rainbow Vowels (cursive) are designed to match the way children are taught to write in school and can be a useful handwriting tool. Contains 28 pieces. Ages 5+

Key Features :

The resource is ideal for helping children recognize vowels, vowel sounds and what new sounds vowels can make when they are joined together. Each letter is cursive and designed to match school handwriting standardsIncludes 28 pieces: 12 vowels, 5 changeable vowels, 5 r- controlled vowels, 6 magic e vowelsPieces are color coded to facilitate vowel recognition: vowels in green, changeable vowels in brown, R-controlled vowels in purple and magic E vowels in orange.Product works ideally in conjunction with Rainbow Letters and Numbers or Rainbow Alphabet and Digraph sets (sold separately) in order to help children, understand how to build new and different words.Vowels are magnetic and can be used in conjunction with Versaboard (sold separately).