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Rainbow Designer Mat™, Yellow


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Kids will dream easy on our KinderMat Rainbow Designer rest mats. Perfect for school, home, and daycare. These mats are non-folding and measure 2" x 22" x 48". All of our mats are made in the USA with a high-quality foam to ensure the most comfortable snooze and covered with a super soft vinyl which is water resistant and easy to clean, simply disinfect with warm soapy water. An added polyester backing creates extra strength for your mat. Completed with an inside seam construction.

Key Features :

i : Yellow soft vinyl and foam mats, Made in the USA
ii : Inside seam construction
iii : Perfect for daycare, school, or home
iv : Measures 2" thick by 22" x 48"
v : Non-folding rest mat
vi : Easy cleaning with warm soapy water