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Rainbow Alphabet And Digraphs Print

Junior Learning

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Rainbow Alphabet and Digraphs is the perfect hands-on, magnetic resource to excite and engage children about learning how to build new words by literally building them! Children can have fun arranging and rearranging the consonants vowels and digraphs on any magnetic surface to help children understand and recognize how different letters and sounds build words. The resource can help children learn alphabet sequencing and recognition, identifying new letter patterns and understanding how letters can come together to create new and different sounds. Contains 56 pieces. Ages 4+

Key Features :

The resource is ideal for helping children recognize letters and their sounds, new letter patterns, and how letters can be joined together to create new sounds.Includes 56 pieces: 35 Consonants, 10 vowels and 11 digraphs.Pieces are color-coded to facilitate letter recognition and word construction. Consonants in blue, vowels in red and digraphs in yellow.Pieces are magnetic and can be used in conjunction with Versaboard (sold separately).Resource can be used as part of guided learning or independent study.