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Pretend & Play® Teaching Telephone®

Learning Resources

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Easy-to-program telephone helps children learn how to call home, the 911 Emergency Service, and other important telephone numbers. Program in any number and record a message. When children dial the number correctly, they are rewarded by hearing your personal message. Program and record new messages again and again! Features realistic ring and big buttons for little hands. Requires 3 AA batteries, included. Grades: PreK+. Learning Style: Auditory, Tactile. Skill Development: Self Help - Operating a phone is a practical skill that students will use their entire lives. This pretend phone helps teach real skills in a controlled, relaxed manner. Social/Behavioral - Telephone practice and preparedness help boost students' confidence in independence, safety, and Iife skills. Language - Helps students practice what to say and do in an emergency. Students learn how to answer questions like, "Where do you live?," "What is the emergency?," and "What is your name?"

Key Features :

i : Allows you to record a personal message for your child
ii : Fun speed dial buttons get imaginary conversations started with pre-recorded greetings from a pretend pizzeria, teacher, and more
iii : Helps kids learn and practice emergency calls to 911