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Powerhouse Electric Pencil Sharpner

Sanford Lp - Elmer's

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Spend less time sharpening and more time writing with the X-ACTO Powerhouse Pencil Sharpener. This electric pencil sharpener comes with a flyway cutter that prevents over-sharpening and keeps pencil tips precise for less breakage. The innovative design of this heavy-duty sharpener provides visibility to the cutter blades, while the anti-clog cutter gear makes it perfect for colored pencils. A slip-resistant bottom keeps the pencil sharpener steady when in use. Finally, the SafeStart electric motor stops when the large, easy-to-empty shavings bin is removed. Stay sharp with X-ACTO, the #1 electric pencil sharpener brand!

Key Features :

Break-resistant heavy-duty pencil sharpener creates precise tips to reduce lead breakage and frustrationsFlyaway cutter prevents over-sharpening by stopping the cutter when pencil reaches ideal sharpnessSafeStart motor stops shaving when bin is removedEasy-to-empty, large shaving bin means less messInnovative design provides visibility to cutter blades