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Power Blox Builds Plus, LED Building Blocks, 73 Pieces


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This kit provides a unique, patented technology that enables you to build 3D circuits into your structures without any wires! The tin plated parts in this set are conductive so they can be used to create 3D circuit paths from the battery module to the LED modules provided in this set to integrate lights into you structures. Online instructions show you how to build a cat whose eyes light up red, blue or green and can even flash on and off!

Key Features :

i : Contains 73 parts including 26 unique, patented parts including 6 LEDs you won't find in any other toy brick set
ii : Patented technology enables you to build 3D circuits into your structure with no wires!
iii : Directly compatible with other brick building construction sets
iv : Requires one 9V battery
v : Ages 8 and up
vi : STEAM product that teaches how to build 3D series and parallel circuits to light your imaginative creations