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Poster Board, White, 14" x 22", 5 Sheets-Pack, Carton of 24 Packs


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Sheets of White Ghostline® poster board in a convenient package. The faint grid makes it easy to line up words, charts or graphs. Great for home, school or office applications. Easily make the perfect display every time with the Ghostline grid. Measures 14" x 22". Each pack includes 5 sheets. Sold as a carton of 24 packs for a total of 120 sheets.

Key Features :

i : 12 pt. thickness
ii : Features a 1/2" faint Ghostline® grid pattern
iii : Grid on one side only
iv : Easy to line up words, charts and graphs
v : Great for posters, displays, and charts
vi : Carton of 24 packs, 5 sheets per pack