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Positively Plants Positive Bb St

Creative Teaching Press

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The Plant Positive Bulletin Board has a simple and classic look that will brighten any classroom space. The set features classic greenery and plant designs, making it a perfect addition to brighten any space! The 18-piece set contains: • "Plant Positivity Grow Greatness" sign: 15.5"w x 8"h • "Root for Each Other" sign: 9"w x 10"h • "Where Kindness Grows" sign: 8"w x 1.75"h • Dark green leafy plant (without pot): 11.75"w x 17.75"h • Mint green leafy plant (without pot): 15"w x 16.5"h • Pink and Turquoise butterflies: 5.25"w x 4"h • Bees: 3.75"w x 3.75"h • Empty pot 1 (w/ dots): 7"w x 7"h • Empty pot 2 (w/ lines): 7.25"w x 7"h • Hanging plant 1 (w/ dots on pot): 13.25"w x 16.75"h • Hanging plant 2 (w/triangles on pot): 11.75"w x 20.5"h • Minty green potted plant: 8.75"w x 17.25"h • Lime green potted plant: 13.75"w x 13.5"h • Watering Can: 9"w x 7.75"h • Greenhouse: 17"w x 18.5"h Bulletin board set also includes an instructional guide with bulletin board ideas, classroom activities, and a reproducible.

Key Features :

A simple classic look that will brighten any spaceSpread the pieces around the classroom or make one large displayCoordinate with other items from the Positively Plants collectionGreat for any classroom or daycare setting