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Plastic Softballs, 6 Per Set, 3 Sets

Champion Sports

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Kids will have a blast playing catch or working on their pitching with these versatile Champion Sports Plastic Softballs. Great for everything from gym class to recreational activities, these hollow plastic baseballs are a safe option for young children to play with, economical, and light enough for a student to carry the whole bag out from storage with ease. Available in the standard 12" softball size, the brightly colored balls are easy to spot against the grass, ground and pavement when it's time to clean up. Each set includes 6 balls. Sold as 3 sets for a total of 18 balls.

Key Features :

i : Versatile plastic softballs are great for a wide range of drills and recreational activities
ii : Hollow design is lightweight and safe for children to play with
iii : Durable plastic construction stands up to even the hardest hits from bats
iv : 12" Diameter