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Perseverance & Self-Confidence Children's Book Set, 2 Books

New Paige Press

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From best-selling author Jay Miletsky, this book set encourages children to triumph in the face of adversity and find self-confidence. This set includes 2 books: Ricky The Rock that Couldn't Roll These rocks can really roll! Well, most of them, anyway... Get ready to meet a new rock group! From zippy, little pebbles to big strong boulders, the rocks get together to play and roll around their favorite hill, only to find that one of their friends, Ricky, can't roll with them. Unlike all of the others, who are all round, Ricky can't roll because he's flat on one side. Determined not to leave their friend behind, the rocks set out to help Ricky roll around - one way or another. This sweet, imaginative picture book, written in verse, brings a fresh set of characters to life in a story that highlights perseverance and triumph in the face of adversity, and the power of true friendship. 28 pages. Tess the Tin That Wanted to Rock When Tess, a tin foil ball, rolls onto the hill and meets Marvin, Ricky and the rest of the rocks, she immediately worries that she's too different from everyone else. But when the rocks go looking for a lost pebbles and get lost in the woods, it's up to Tess to save the day, as she realizes that everyone has value, and even a tin ball can be a rock star! Explores the concepts of self-confidence, friendship and cooperation. 32 pages.

Key Features :

i : Ricky The Rock that Couldn't Roll is a story about friendship.
ii : Tess the Tin That Wanted to Rock helps children recognize their own unique strengths.
iii : Set of 2 books are part of the "You Rock!" group.