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Perception Semispheres

Learning Advantage

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Set of 8 sensory Perception Semispheres measuring 2" diameter come in eight different clear colors and feel smooth and warm to the touch. The very youngest children will enjoy handling them in free sensory play or as part of a treasure basket collection. Older children will find them fascinating as they hold them up and look through to see the world around them in different colors. When a hemisphere is placed on top of an object, it magnifies it by 4 or 5 times to give a view that is both a different color and enlarged. Holding two or three Perception Semispheres together creates new colors and hues; using the Spheres on a light panel will enhance the children's opportunities for color mixing.

Key Features :

A great hands-on manipulative for use on the TickiT® Light Panel (#9200 sold separately) to help children identify a range of colors and shapes.Place on a light panel to see what happens when different colors are placed on top of one another or in overlapping patterns. Used on a light panel, this manipulative will provide starting points for talking to children about colors, light, transparency,Size: 2" diameter. Age: 0+Practical Pre-School Awards 2015