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Pattern Block Activity Cards - 20 Per Set - 3 Sets

Learning Advantage™

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Great for use at centers! These pattern block cards are an excellent tool to help children build an understanding of shapes, which will enable them to more easily grasp complex geometric concepts later in their education. Each set includes 20 colorful patterns, printed on 8-5/8" x 11" sturdy card stock. Sold as 3 sets for a total of 60 cards.

Key Features :

i : PERFECT MATH ACTIVITY FOR AGES 3-8 -- These pattern block educational puzzles are a fascinating way to encourage students to construct creative shapes. Ideal for learning shapes, color recognition and problem solving, these cards will help to develop essential logic and reasoning skills for STEM subjects.
ii : ORIGINAL, TRUSTED SHAPES & COLORS -- Many competitor pattern block cards show incorrect colors and mislabel shapes. Our pattern block design cards show the correct shapes and colors: orange square, blue rhombus, red trapezoid, green triangle, yellow hexagon and beige narrow rhombus.
iii : 2 LEVELS OF DIFFICULTY -- These tangram-like templates with geometric shapes come with two difficulty levels to allow continued challenges in the classroom. Use the cards to discuss concepts with increasing difficulty such as colors, shapes, symmetry, spatial visualization and transformations (flipping shapes).
iv : EDUCATIONAL TOYS FOR KIDS -- Children will love constructing pictures of everyday objects such as cars, insects, flowers and birds. Their confidence will grow when they recognize the object they have made!
v : FOR SCHOOL OR HOME LEARNING -- These pattern puzzles are a useful resource that allow children to work in solitary or together and solve problems through shape, color and pattern recognition. Perfect for pre k learning activities, kindergarten learning activities and learning activities for kids aged 5-7.
vi : GREAT VALUE -- Includes 20 x 8.5" x 11" cards with original designs printed on sturdy card stock in a reclosable bag.