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North-South Bar Magnets, 1.13"L x .34"W x 0.25"T, Pack of 100

Dowling Magnets®

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These economical ceramic magnets work well for teaching about magnetic poles, attraction and repulsion, and many experiments that call for bar magnets. Ideal for activities that do not require a lot of lifting power. These magnets are not designed to be holding magnets. Ceramic magnets are brittle (like a coffee mug!) and may chip or break if dropped. Each bar measures 1.13"L x .34"W x 0.25"T. For ages 8+. Each pack includes 100 red ceramic bar magnets with ends stamped to indicate poles North (N) and South (S).

Key Features :

i : 1.13"L x .34"W x 0.25"T ceramic bar magnet
ii : North and South poles indicated with N / S stamp
iii : Useful for demonstrations and science projects
iv : Great for the classroom
v : Pack of 100
vi : Iron filings not included